acoustics services

The acoustics department in PGI places the user at the centre of every project and gives solutions to achieve a high acoustic comfort in any building. Not only do we always fulfil all the required regulations, but we also analyse further aspects that are not included in the standards, in order to get the users to a maximum comfort level in the building.

We work together with the other departments in PGI and we analyse the needs and most relevant acoustics aspects for the buildings functionality.

This way, architects, real estate owners, public administration and installation companies benefit from the services catalogue from the acoustics department in PGI, centred in 4 main aspects:

  • Architectural acoustics: Insulating and refurbishment to achieve the desired acoustic comfort in any building. From DB-HR justification (Spain) to the design of buildings with a high acoustic qualification, through the construction of theatres and auditoriums
  • Noise and vibration control in facilities, according to the local and state regulations
  • Study of acoustic pathologies in existing buildings
  • Acoustics creativity and tailored solutions to improve any kind of projects or bid winning