water cycle services

An efficient management of the integral water cycle means significant savings in water consumption to any company, building or facility complex. This involves indirect energy savings, and direct money savings. The water engineering department in PGI helps its clients to manage this scarce commodity through the following services:

  • Consumption diagnostic studies: use processes, consumptions, consumption ratios and optimization
  • Water saving audits: water use assessment, saving solutions and their payback
  • Waste water reuse studies: providing solutions to reuse waste water as well as water treatment system amortization
  • Problem diagnoses studies: pollution studies, problem detection and further solution, and alternative proposals for water treatment
  • Water treatment, purification and reuse projects: executive reports, plans and schemes, budgets and work monitoring
  • Administrative formalities relating to water cycle: application of the use of groundwater, discharge of waste water, legalization of water purifying stations, waste water treatment facilities justification
  • Analytics management and diagnostics reports: contracting specific analyses to laboratories. Physicochemical analysis. Sample collection according to UNE 25667-2:1993, and results report development.